Monday, August 9, 2010


We have four sleeps before we head away, on our long awaited journey to Canada. I am still packing all our bags and planning what my classes will do while I am away. Liam is looking forward to staying with the Sutton's. Ruby and Ella are counting down the days till they go to Melbourne. Their toy bags have been packed for a couple of days now.


  1. Hi Sam,

    We'll see if this comment works. What will you be doing when in Canada? How long will you be away?


  2. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for checking this out. We are away for 2 weeks and staying with friends for most of the time on Vancouver Island, but may take a trip to the Rockies. We are then spending a couple of days in Vancouver on our way home. It’s all very exciting! Heather and Owen our friends had a deer in their backyard and a bear in the garbage last week. WOW.....