Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One more sleep!

I have cried today, laughed and missed lunch trying to get everything organised. Tim was devastated to learn that we can’t get seats together on the plan from New Zealand to Vancouver. Only single seats available! I am not going to let this get me down, and am hopeful that this will be fixed, when we get to the airport tomorrow. Fingers Crossed.

I am struggling with the thought of leaving the kids and this is really making me teary. Liam seems happy to be staying with the Suttons, actually probably hanging out to be away from his sisters for a while.

Ruby and Ella are looking forward to a trip on Puffing Billy on Saturday for Sage and Ishmael’s birthday.

Thanks for all the well wishes.

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  1. Hi Sam

    Now no competition but remember Tony's one day at a time blog.

    Ruby came up to me in the library and told me all about her time in Melbourne.

    Have fun.