Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 6 - Courtenay/ Comox

We travelled to Courtenay/ Comox today. We dropped off Heather who needed to work for a few hours and headed to get some money and lunch.

Our first stop was the Salmon Hatchery, where Owen was our tour guide and explained how they breed the salmon.

After seeing salmon in the tanks as they are now returning to where they are born, where checked out all the thrill seekers riding the rapids in their tires.

Next we dropped Emma off at a party and headed shopping - WalMart. There was a lot of things all very cheap.Tim is still amazed at some of the prices. Everything is in bulk on a massive scale at the superstores.

I could have even goth this Electric Bike for my ride to school in the warm weather for $998 plus tax (12%).

We picked up Heather and met Loyd and Deb who were lovely. They had an amazing house with the biggest en suite I have ever seen. Deb has also had her garage converted into a scrapbooking studio. WOW!

In the garage they have 3 quad bikes for the family, which they use regularly. Even I thought that was fantastic.

Driving around we spotted our first Deer, just eating in the yard. A mum and faun. After a quick uturn, whe got some pictures.

We then went out for dinner and ate some great food, beautiful view looking over the ocean.

Owen and Heather then took us to Winners. What a great store, and plenty of shopping later, 2 jackets for me......

On our journey home we stopped in the middle of the road by more deer just standing their on a major intersection. They dont run away either. 

 Interesting things:
  • Drive through ATM's at banks
  • Deer on the road, lawn and everywhere
  • Superstores have groceries and clothing items all in one (Very dangerous)
  • 3kg mayonaise for $3.99
  • Tipping at restaurants
  • No letter boxes - located in post office boxes within their street/area
  • Beautiful houses, all different styles and with character
  • Little chicks with big trucks

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  1. Hi Sam and Tim
    Just caught up with your blog. What a whirlwind adventure you are having. THe scenery is spectacular. It would be so exciting to see the different fauna and flora. Enjoy the warm weather, still freezing over here.