Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 3 & 4 - Head Bay

Today we headed off to Bruce's resort at Head Bay. It is nearly finished with just some finishing touches to go. 

To get to the west side of the Island it took 2 hours, over the mountains, with amazing views of mountains. For the trip we where all on Bear hunt, watching for a bear grazing on berries on the side of the road.

We stopped for lunch at Gold River and had an amazing sandwich and was lucky to get a photo with a local police man. Check out the photo.

Our accommodation was cabin number 2. After a little unpacking we had a swim off the dock. The water was amazing and is actually the ocean. The inlet travels 30 kms inland.

Friends of Bruce where staying in their RV's on top of the hill. They returned from fishing (11 hours - hard core) and Dan number 2, gave us some crabs to cook up for dinner.

We decided to explore an Island with a paddle boat. This was hard work but a great reward! We even saw a friendly seal following us.

The stars where amazing here with no lights.

In the morning we woke up to a breathtaking view from our beds. From any location in the cabin (even the toilet) you can see the ocean. Dan number 1 and his wife Linda offered to take us for a tour on their boat. It was amazing, the ocean was calm and views awesome. After navigating around all the inlets checking out all the boat houses, we filled up with fuel at Critter Cove. Dan and Linda bought us an ice cream, which I have to say was amazing and huge.

On the trip back I was able to navigate us back which freaked out others (have a good sense of direction).

Back at the cabins it was still very warm over 30 degrees, so we put our bathers on and when for another swim. Emma won the bombing competition to the horror of Owen who was devastated.

Late in the afternoon we left the amazing Head Bay and Bruce's Cabins. On our trip home we spotted a Bear crossing the road. We finished the evening with a few drinks, a dip in the spa and some Nanaimo Bar.

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  1. Still looks fantastic. Great looking fish too. Keep up the adventures.

    T Rev