Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 14 - Vancouver

Today we toured downtown Vancouver. Some of the sights included, the Steam clock, Chinatown and Dr Sun Yat-Sen classical Chinese gardens. Tim also managed to find some antique items thanks to Emma's knowledge of the area.

We then headed back into the centre area for more shopping. Before we new it, time had come to collect Heathers car and take us to the airport.

Speaking of Heathers car. It is amazing. For the past 6 days 5 of us have been travelling around on our road trip, with all our luggage and theirs all in Heathers little Toyota Echo. Heather also gave us a small suitcase to bring home for her as well......You should see how much stuff we had.

It is sad to say goodbye to Heather, Owen and Emma, but we are looking forward to them coming home at Christmas. We are very greatful for their efforts and in showing us some of the wonders of Canada. It has been a mind blowing experience with many fantastic memories, and plenty of laughter (Housekeeping!)

We are now looking forward to seeing our gorgeous children, Liam, Ruby and Ella and all our family and friends.

Interesting things: 
  • City buses travel very fast (over 60kms between a block)
  • Cars can turn right on a red light
  • There is a lot of female construction and building workers.

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