Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 11 - Whistler

We woke up in beautiful Victoria, packed up the car and headed for Whistler. Our aim was the 10.40am ferry from Naniamo, but when we arrived it was full, so we hoped on the 12.15pm ferry. The trip was an hour and forty minutes and a very gentle ride across the ocean. The view continued to be spectacular with a great view of Vancouver as we came into port.

Once off the ferry we headed up the mountain. Before we new it we where at Whistler and with amazing directions from Heather we found out hotel! The Whistler Inn and Suites. This was a fantastic room for a great price. Glad we are staying 2 nights.

Whistler village is just beautiful with a short walk to all the restaurant's and bars. Access to all the lifts and adventure activities is 2 minutes walk. It will be a hard decision to decide what to do tomorrow.

Interesting Things:
  • Tim loves all the Canadian beer
  • Many Canadians find it difficult to understand Aussies.

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  1. Hi Sam and Tim
    Your photos are amazing,am really enjoying 'your trip'!
    Collingwood beat Adelaide by 3 points.poor Adelaide was winning right up to the last 7 min of last probably already know this Tim.
    Take care