Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 1 - Campbell River

We have arrived in Canada! Over 24 hours and 3 flights, we arrived in Campbell River to the glowing smiles of Heather and Owen.

The welcome was fantastic and Heather and Owens new house looking gorgeous, and a beautiful bed waiting for us. There is a picture of the biggest Ute Tim has ever seen. Dual back wheels. Thanks Em for giving us your room!

Heather decided to take us for a stroll after dinner. This stroll was amazing, it turned into a 2 hour hike through Campbell River – the Canyon View Trail. Tim was exhausted but the views where spectacular.

We finished off the evening with a few drinks then a soak in the hot tub. Sensational!


  1. Hi Sam and Tim
    It looks beautiful there! Enjoy your special holiday together,I am very happy for you.
    All good here.
    Tim,you will be happy Collingwood beat Essendon by 97 points!
    Lots of love and hugs

  2. Hi Sam and Tim,
    the photos are great and they give a bit of a glimpse of the enormous countryside. Swimming in view of glaciers?? Wild rivers too. We have plenty of them here in Rosebud too... running down the street!
    Thanks for the time you take to blog on!
    Hi fives