Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 14 - Vancouver

Today we toured downtown Vancouver. Some of the sights included, the Steam clock, Chinatown and Dr Sun Yat-Sen classical Chinese gardens. Tim also managed to find some antique items thanks to Emma's knowledge of the area.

We then headed back into the centre area for more shopping. Before we new it, time had come to collect Heathers car and take us to the airport.

Speaking of Heathers car. It is amazing. For the past 6 days 5 of us have been travelling around on our road trip, with all our luggage and theirs all in Heathers little Toyota Echo. Heather also gave us a small suitcase to bring home for her as well......You should see how much stuff we had.

It is sad to say goodbye to Heather, Owen and Emma, but we are looking forward to them coming home at Christmas. We are very greatful for their efforts and in showing us some of the wonders of Canada. It has been a mind blowing experience with many fantastic memories, and plenty of laughter (Housekeeping!)

We are now looking forward to seeing our gorgeous children, Liam, Ruby and Ella and all our family and friends.

Interesting things: 
  • City buses travel very fast (over 60kms between a block)
  • Cars can turn right on a red light
  • There is a lot of female construction and building workers.

Day 13 - Vancouver

We left Whistler and headed for Vancouver. On our way we stopped for a quick chopper flight. It was spectacular and a great view over the ocean. Once in Vancouver and at our hotel we headed for the Aquariaum.

We saw Beluga whales and white sided dolphines.

A drive through Stanley Park was gorgeous on sunset and then our last dinner in Canada at a Chinese Restaurant.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 12 - Whistler

After a lot of discussion about the activities that we would like to do today, we decided to take the Peak 2 Peak Gondola ride. Heather, Owen and Emma went white water rafting.

As well as the gondola ride we decided to go to the peak of Whistler so an extra chair lift ride was in order. Wow the views where amazing.

On our trip up the mountain we were amazed to see a grizzly bear and her cubs. We were so excited. A bear, then we spotted even more further up the hill. This made our day.

At the top we did a small hike, got some great pictures then headed across on the Peak 2 Peak Gondola, which we had to ourself to take all the pictures we wanted. The view was spectacular.

Once on Blackcomb, we had a walk then hot chocolate looking out at the unbelievable view. Then 2 chairlifts down the mountain, and another bear sighting and we were back at Whistler village.

Whistler Village would have to be the best design township for tourists. We have been constantly blown away by the design and beauty.

Interesting things:
  • Appetiser's are Entrees and Entrees are Mains
  • They have cable TV with 50 channels and nothing to watch.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 11 - Whistler

We woke up in beautiful Victoria, packed up the car and headed for Whistler. Our aim was the 10.40am ferry from Naniamo, but when we arrived it was full, so we hoped on the 12.15pm ferry. The trip was an hour and forty minutes and a very gentle ride across the ocean. The view continued to be spectacular with a great view of Vancouver as we came into port.

Once off the ferry we headed up the mountain. Before we new it we where at Whistler and with amazing directions from Heather we found out hotel! The Whistler Inn and Suites. This was a fantastic room for a great price. Glad we are staying 2 nights.

Whistler village is just beautiful with a short walk to all the restaurant's and bars. Access to all the lifts and adventure activities is 2 minutes walk. It will be a hard decision to decide what to do tomorrow.

Interesting Things:
  • Tim loves all the Canadian beer
  • Many Canadians find it difficult to understand Aussies.

Day 10 - Victoria

After dropping Owen and Emma off for a dive, we headed to Butchart’s Gardens. This was the most amazing gardens I have ever seen. There are no words to describe the care and attention to detail and the beauty of the place. We spend over 2 hours looking at the gardens.

In the afternoon we went back into Victoria city centre, exploring and shopping. For Tea we went to a Japanese restaurant.

Interesting things:

• Sensor towel dispensers
• Baby change tables in the men’s toilets
• Pedestrian’s rule the roads. Cars all stop for people on the road.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 9 - Victoria

We left Heather and Owen's house for the last time. We are now heading on a road trip and our first location is Victoria. This is also the capital of British Columbia. After getting to the hotel we headed into the city center. It is beautiful. We did a walk through the harbour then headed out for dinner.

Interesting things:

Blinkers are red and also break lights
Cars don't stick to the speed limits on highways

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 8 - Port McNeill

Whale watching day 2. A beautiful start to the day. And YES we found Orca's. At one point we where surrounded by them. We also checked out 2 fish farms and meet Di. Some of the salmon where 15kg in size!

On our way back we stumbled across a Humpback whale.